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Facial contouring surgery in Korea

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Facial contouring surgery in Korea



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Asian people, especially women, prefer a more delicate and feminine facial shape. Facial contouring surgery is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the facial bone and aesthetically reshaping and resizing the facial bone. To achieve a softer and better facial contour, there are several procedures to change the facial skeleton.


Latest Trend of Facial Contouring Surgery in Korea

The Asian face tends to be wider, shorter and flatter than the westerners’ face which tends to be longer and narrower when observed from anterior view. The primary goal of Asian plastic surgery was more about Westernization. However, the standard of beauty is not Westernization anymore, as proportion, harmony and balance become major components to create individually appearance.


Nowadays, most plastic surgery clinics in Korea provide patients three-dimensional CT scan for one’s facial analysis. 3D CT scan data helps to do surgical planning as well as simulation surgery followed by a “Golden facial mask” in order to achieve proper proportion.


To have a beautiful facial line, all kinds of facial contour surgeries including maxillofacial surgery, malarplasty (cheekbone reduction or zygoma reduction), angleplasty (square jaw reduction), genioplasty(chin) and face augmentation(implant). The reduction and augmentation surgery should be well-combined for a well-balanced face with the best facial ratio of each individual.


Types of Facial Contouring Surgery

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Malar reduction surgery reduces the cheek bone area to three-dimensionally reduce the mid face area.


V-line Surgery (Square jaw + Chin)

By adding chin width reduction surgery; which has been considered impossible with the existing square jaw surgery (U-line Square Jaw Surgery), both sides of the angled jaw are removed whilst making the chin into sharp V shape.


Two-Jaw Surgery

Two-Jaw surgery is a jaw correction surgery that fracture and correct the upper and lower jaw bone correcting lantern jaw, protruding mouth, facial asymmetry, along with other incorrectly positioned jaw and jaw function related corrections.


Face Augmentation (implant)

The main purpose of face augmentation with implant is to add volume to the hollow parts of the face, usually on cheeks, forehead and chin.


Facial Contouring Surgery Incision Location




(most common)

In front of ears Scalp
Advantages No Scar Double-fix is possible with microplate screw Less possibility of nonunion of a broken bone
Disadvantages Limited ways of fixing Scar is shown Less scar remains. Not much information since it's a new technique.


Facial Contouring Surgery Price/Cost in Korea

General price guide line for Facial Contouring Surgery in Korea is USD$2,500 to USD$13,600 according to Korea Health Industry Development Institute. The price is decided in a variable range depending on the method and difficulty of the patients’ case.







Forehead Silicon Surgery 2,500 4,800
Face Lift Surgery 7,300 14,000
Cheek Augmentation Surgery (fat) 3,000 4,000
Cheek Reduction Surgery 5,500 7,000

Orthognathic Surgery (Corrective jaw Surgery)

11,000 14,000
Lower Jaw Surgery 4,500 7,300

Bottom Jaw Surgery (mandible)

5,500 7,000
Gum Reduction 2,300 3,600
Lip Reduction (per lip) 1,500 1,800
Protruding Ear Correction 2,300 3,600
Dimple Creation Surgery 900 1,600

To learn more about Korean Plastic/Cosmetic surgery price in Korea, check Know your plastic surgery price.


Facial Contouring Surgery Precautions

Preoperative Precautions

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Post-operative Precautions

  1. Swelling and bruises will occur for 3 days after the surgery but they will gradually be subsided afterwards.
  2. Applying an ice-pack for 2-3 days will be helpful. When conducting it, put a piece of thin gauze on the surgical area first and then apply an ice-pack provided by the clinic.
  3. Facial wash and make-up can be done on the next day of the surgery.
  4. Please do not voluntarily remove bandages or tapes from a surgical area until a nurse does it.
  5. For about 1 week, please take soft food such as congee or porridge and then you will be able to have normal meals staring from soft-textured food.
  6. Most facial contouring surgeries are performed through inside of the mouth, frequent gargling is very helpful in preventing infection. Please try to gargle as often as you can and you must gargle right after having meal.
  7. Brushing teeth can be done on the next day of the surgery. However, you should dip the toothbrush into the gargling fluid while brushing. Additional instructions for brushing the teeth will be given in next follow-up care.
  8. Please avoid heavy exercises such as aerobics or gym workout for 4weeks. However, going for a walk is recommended
  9. Shower can be done from the next day of the stitches removal, but please avoid sauna and hot springfor 4 weeks.
  10. Do not end your head or lie face down.
  11. Supporting your head with large pillows can be helpful in reducing swelling or pain. Make sure your neck should not be bent on the pillows. Do not turn your neck sideways or lie face down, but try to sleep in straight position.
  12. Please take the prescribed pain killers and antibiotics. In case of requiring additional painkillers, take Tylenol, which does not contain aspirin. Aspirin related pain medication might cause unnecessary bleeding, therefore is not recommended.
  13. Drinking and smoking should be avoided for 4 weeks. Alcohol can cause infection and smoking can damage or cause skin necrosis or even delay wound recovery as it contracts vessels.


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