MISOODA’s Best Price Guarantee
    Here at MISOODA, we take great pride in securing the best prices from top ranked plastic surgery clinics offering top notched quality services in Korea. We work closely with our certified medical partners to ensure that you pay unbeatably low prices when you book with us. But in the rare event that you manage to find an even lower quote, just tell us and we will match it. That is our Best Price Guarantee.
    With our Best Price Guarantee, you can:
  • Request for a MISOODA refund if your booking is within the refundable timeline.
  • Request to match the price difference if your booking is non-refundable and you have found a cheaper price on another website.
Best Price Guarantee Steps:
1. Found a better price?
Check if it’s the same promotion at the same clinic, doctor, services (e.g.translation), currency exchange and on the exact same surgery date.
2. Send an email to miu@misooda.com with following information:
Your nameYour email addressYour cell phone number Clinic nameYour procedure
Doctor's nameDate of surgeryMISOODA price The price you foundComments
3. You will receive MISOODA’s reply within 72 working hours confirming or denying your request
    Terms and Conditions
  • The lower price in comparison must be found online for the same medical procedure, the same medical provider, the same doctor, the same services, the same options and on the same surgery date as reserved through MISOODA.
  • The lower rate must be in the same currency as there can currency fluctuations beyond MISOODA's control.
  • It does not apply to membership, special discounted rates including, but not limited to loyalty points through special promotions.
  • We will match the price difference between our rate and the lower rate if your reservation through MISOODA.com is completed and not cancelled and/or as a result of a “no show”.
  • We will not be liable for any refunds under the Best Price Guarantee with respect to rates loaded in error by MISOODA or by the medical provider.
  • We reserve the right to deny any claims that cannot be verified, or in which you have provided incomplete information.
  • We reserve the right to modify the Best Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Please check MISOODA’s website for updated information.
  • If the Best Price Guarantee claim is unsuccessful due to any circumstances, MISOODA’s cancellation policy will still be applicable provided it is still within the cancellation dateline.