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Yepoong-ee’s Plastic Surgery Real Review

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Hello~ This is Yepoong-ee >.< These are parts I got surgeries in Banobagi Clinic. Face contouring (Square jaw reduction, Cheekbones reduction, Genioplasty), Eye (Non-incisional ptosis correction, Epicanthoplasty, Lateral canthoplasty, Lowercanthoplasty), Rhinoplasty-revision (the tip of the nose) The most serious complexes of mine were the shape of my eyes, short and flat nose, and a wide face. The face shape was square or hexagonal when I didn’t have much fat on face. But it seemed to be much flat after gaining weight that I was so stressed… My nose was also a flaw. I wasn’t satisfied with short, flat, and kind of snub nose. I even already had a surgery on nose and eyelids. I looked so strong because the end of eyes was higher than the head of them. I thought not to get more surgeries and just to stay as I am. I already had rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery… But I could see many pretty women outside so I under-estimated myself… That’s why I decided to get surgery again! However, I concerned a lot since I haven’t experienced face contouring surgery before and thought it’s a major surgery… I finally got counseling at Banobagi Clinic and it was so trustworthy!!!! I stopped all of hesitation and decided to get surgeries!
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It’s been 5 months~ Time really flies~~ I cut my hair to try various things with upgraded look! I think the shape of face is more obvious with short hair~~ Friends also preferred short hair! Maybe everything goes well with small faces, haha. Senses are almost back but still dull and have to wait more to be returned entirely~! I used to eat tough or hard food, but I avoid them because the clinic told me to be careful about them!! I can open my mouth well but not that perfectly!! I want to open big and eat something… so a little bit stuffy I feel. I saw the doctor and he told me my nose isn’t lengthened but he made it just seems to be longer, hahaha. It’s a success!! I still can notice the scars under the nose but it’s coverable with make-up~! So it’s visible without make-up but time will solve it~ One of my friends got eye surgery recently and she showed her doctor my photos, hahaha. My eyes are been really bigger. I used to wear lenses with big circles on them but natural ones now that there’s no more need~ I can’t believe of the shape of my face without Photoshop… haha. Plastic surgery is really recommendable thinking of these results!! I never retouch the shape of the face line these days when I post it online~ haha. Most of all, I’ve heard I’m photogenic, but now people say I’m better than in the picture, haha. I compliment myself so much but I hope you understand that I’m too glad with my look~!! My face is so natural regarding that I had surgeries on eyes, nose and face contour! I wished to be naturally pretty~ Actually I thought exaggeratedly well-formed look after surgery was beautiful, but I prefer the natural results as trend’s being changed! It looked gorgeous with convex forehead, high nose, and sharp chin, which so called Gangnam-Woman, but it looks old-fashioned now… I’m fully satisfied with my look and thank Banobagi Clinic which helped make me pretty, haha. Thank you for reading my review~ I highly recommend to have a consultation at Banobagi Clinic if you hesitate about surgery~! You can live a different new life!!
You might notice there’s no uneven surface on cheekbones. I changed a lot with cheekbones that I highly recommend it!!! Face looks a lot smaller without cheeks protruded! It looks wide on picture, but I am told I look better than in the picture, hahaha. I used to encourage myself thinking as retouched face was real, but I’m confident now! Haha. I already had rhinoplasty before, so I had to carefully consider about revising surgery… However, Banobagi clinic was a perfect choice!! What if it wasn’t by doctors in Banobagi… I don’t want to imagine, hahaha. My nose was small and thin-skinned as I said, so it was also hard for doctors to revise… First try was to an end just to make it a little bit higher and look like picked up by something. However, Banobagi experts made my nose a little bigger using cartilage from my ear, rearranged to be natural, and got the tip of the nose look longer, so it also looks good on profile!! I truly LOVE my nose now!! It seems as it was originally in this form. I take selfies without make-up on… hahaha. It looks that I did make-up!! I love my eyes, too. It looked so strong like the hands of a clock at 10:10, hahahaha. Not only the eyes are bigger and clearer, but the shape of eyes became gentler that I look sweeter~ I came to get bigger eyes through ptosis correction, and also got unstuffy shape of the eyes by epicanthoplasty! Eyes are not so apart~ Do you agree that I am successful on the jaw line and the nose? Hahaha.
What I love most is my eyes. I think they’re girls’ point! I used to think nose is the most important one, but it’s over if eyes are pretty, hahaha. I feel living a different life owing to Banobagi Clinic. I love it~ I was never picked up… And now some people ask my phone number even in the restaurant, hahaha. I think I’m too boastful… But it is just to let you know I got prettier! I slick back my hair with confidence!! Hahaha. Not all of my senses are back, so it feels weird if I touch lower gum or cheekbones… I feel something but it doesn’t feel like touching an exact part. I eat things like barbequed meat, hot noodles, pizza, and fried chicken as before surgery, but I avoid eating too chewy food such as nuts or dried squid. I don’t hear anything on the cheekbones as some reviews I read said they hear cracking sound. Doctor said I would do, but until now, I have no problem with my cheekbone at all. What is best about face contouring is safety and beautifulness. T hey are really experts that I didn’t have to worry about! I thank the surgeon and the clinic every day. Nose was also successful!! My nose was limited in height, but I think it fits well on my face. It’s natural!! S ome people recommended me to have rhinoplasty even I had it done once before.. But as my new nose fits me now, they say it looks good on me! Maybe it would have been weird if I made it too high… haha. People don’t point me out about my face anymore.
I always retouched my selfies through Photoshop but now I just post with confidence~ Face is really small with smaller cheekbones and square jaw! I realize there’s a huge difference by face contouring!! I truly recommend to you. I would do it even I go back to the past~ It’s all natural now. I can see incised part when I wash my face, but it’s fine that I can cover it up with make-up~ I seem to be gentle after the eye surgery, haha. I got all kinds of epicanthoplasty that it’s a lot clearer with my impression! My nose was originally awkward as picked up one, but it changed into the one which goes with me. It was small so wasn’t able to make it higher, but the doctor made it better. I wanted to be changed in another way, too, so I dyed my hair. Dyeing is able to do one month after surgery, according to the post-operative instruction, but I did after almost two months… I was being too careful, you know, just in case, hahaha. People say my appearance is far clearer and defined, haha. I am sincerely happy that I’m told pretty time to time. Feels like living a different life… I don’t understand that I didn’t try it earlier, maybe when I was 20… haha. Being pretty is important but safety is more significant. I recommend to search enough if the medical team has abundant experience!! I thank for the safe operation as well as making me beautiful~ I didn’t satisfy with my face since young… I wasn’t told pretty since I was little so that I had inferiority on appearance, and I am overcoming that.
I put a full make-up on this day. Hahaha. Cosmetic lenses, eyelash extension, and make-up… It’s been a long time meeting friends after surgery. One saw me and said I’m a lot prettier!!! Hahahahaha. All hair styles suit on me that I have a smaller and slimmer face! The shape of the face is important, I think!! I should have taken more photos that I put full make-up on this day… T he bridge of the nose is obvious even I turn my head a little. It’s because of the tip of the nose, I think! Is the face line slim? My face would be invisible after the swelling of candy-eating is gone, hahaha. It’s one of my before photos… My face used to be really wide… Strong eyes and ugly nose… I have to wait and see but feel fine that I’m being recovered after the surgery. I eat all… but the doctor told me I shouldn’t eat all already, hahaha. This is my problem… I lost 6 kilos but I’ll regain soon… I highly recommend that a totally different life will be with you if you bear such pains after surgery!! It’s like a second life, hahaha.
My jawline is perfectly slim and people say it’s pretty with smile, haha. I don’t have that much swelling so feel fine inside of mouth. I talk well so don’t recognize about face contouring surgery. I still have food which I don’t need to chew but it’s far better than the first time that I brush my teeth well, hahaha. I got the stitches out on the 2nd week and was nervous after hearing it hurts. I got a massage service first and I loved hot stones on my body… I almost fell asleep. I arrived at the clinic, gargled, and lay down on the operating chairs… It was really scary that everyone said it hurts a lot… And it was honestly a lot of pain that my tears made eye patch wet… Nurses were warmhearted telling me it’s getting over soon, haha. I asked doctor when all of my swelling would go and he said I had to care about inflammation these days and take it easy… I am quick in temper…hahaha. I want my face to be slimmer as soon as possible… I heard candy-eating-like swelling lasts for a long time! So I try tightener, ice pack, and hot pack harder. Some of my friends already had face contouring surgery and they think I look comfortable talking a lot as I didn’t have surgery, hahaha. Maybe the surgery was successful! Doctor emphasized that the most important of all is safety, and I thank him for the great result!! I took selfies on the way to watch a movie with my friend! I go out and watch movies and do things as I did before. It commonly takes a week but stitches were so visible in my case… It took two weeks for me to go out without caps on, haha. You can notice the face line. It became really slimmer!! My hair seems like I glue them on my face, but I tied it to show my slim face now! The second selfie is my profile image. The nose seems high enough even I had surgery on the tip of the nose. It’s a wonder! I already made the nose higher so I didn’t make something more on it… It’s noticeable now on profile image, too! I’m really excited!!!! I had been so stressed because of small and short nose, but no more stress that it became a bit longer. I heard that my skin is weak to sustain something so my skin can be saggy easily… But I believe the doctor as he said there was no possibility that nose would be lower, haha. I worried also about the hot weather which seems inflammation has been occurred, but summer weather isn’t directly related to the surgery, he also told me so, hahaha. But I come to feel anxious if I stay outside so long, hahahahaha. So I stay indoors and am bored… I hope I could go for swimming soon!! I made fringe to have change on style and people say I look gentler, hahaha. But the thing is hot weather that I feel the heat on the forehead… fringe wets as well… Fringe is not for the summer!!! I was provoked a quarrel before because of my sharp eyes and I hope that never happens again~~~ I notice swelling decreased a lot on the third week. Where’s my square jaw? Hahaha. I was surprised after taking these. That was swelling even though I had less swelling than others… I expect how I would look different later on!! I wish time flies!!!
I can see lines on jaw that swelling’s far gone. It’s not visible on the picture since I still look like I have candy in my mouth, but it’s slim enough though! It’s so impetuous hoping to check jawlines on 13th day, but I think I see it already. I want to try slicked-back hair with slimmer face. Oh, and most of all, face got smaller!!! My face used to be small already but it became smaller that it would be just half of original, hahaha. You will also exaggerate much after you get surgery and feel the changes, hahaha. This is my new nose! I couldn’t want more on it… I really love it than before!! I found the before photos and nose was so small as invisible. I realize now how small my nose was, hahaha. It now fit in my face after surgery. It cannot be higher as I have thin skin and short nose… It’s to the maximum now… But I like the way it is now better than before! I recommend getting surgery if you’re stressed!!!!
It’s taken on the day seven. I worried if my hair smells bad because I couldn’t wash my hair until first check-up day, hahahahaha. Actually, I could but only shampooing was not allowed and I thought it would be more uncomfortable if I wash only by water…hahaha. It’s inconvenient I cannot wash face or take a shower after surgery… I visited the annexe of the clinic to get a massage service. I was exfoliated and given skin care as face pack. She was really careful as I still felt pain then, but it was good, haha. Massage therapist was also very kind!! I asked a lot but she answered all. I was satisfied!! Moreover, the doctor is really hospitable, hahaha. He surely answered in detail! There are some clinics with bad after-care services, but I didn’t have to worry in Banobagi Clinic!! Tightener was offered from the clinic and I have to wear it from one week after surgery… I feel my face is smaller with it that I wanted to wear it all the time. It seems like the face is completely small, haha. However, it was a little stuffy… I think after-care is more difficult than the surgery… Gargling, tightener, ice and hot-packing… But I’m getting used to all these. I am scared of getting inflammation and wish swelling would decrease soon, haha. It’s more comfortable when eating even if I cannot chew as much as I want to… I’m happy enough though I have to chop and crush food, that it’s better than only drinking, hahaha. There are so many things I want to eat like meat, chicken, and sashimi… Eyes are really different as much as face contouring!!!! Can you see the difference? The upper picture is of before surgery. It became even bigger, right? Hahahahaha. My friends keep asking me where I did surgery. Eyes are truly larger and rounder which also makes my impression easygoing, haha. I am really pleasant. I wanted to have friendly impressions and I think I do now~ There is not much swelling around eyes so people wouldn’t know if I wear mask on, hahaha. It’s not obvious even with closed eyes. It’s only been over a week a nd I think they wouldn’t stand out later!
This is the photo on day six. I went outside on this day. I met one of my friends but she said she is embarrassed of me.. haha. I had my face really swelled... Maybe people would think I got fat grafting done. It’s not obvious that people notice what surgery I had done^^ I drank tomato juice on this day and worried what if I would get inflammation if I don’t brush my teeth… I just drank and got home after a few hours since I didn’t bring gargle solution. I think I must bring gargle all the time, hahaha. However, it’s pretty fine with not that much swelling. I wish just some parts would be gone which look like I have candy in my mouth.
I left the clinic just because I wanted to. I took CT(computed tomography) before leaving, and got all bandages removed. The tape under the jaw was sort of strong that I felt more pain, I think… I thought I had to put tightener on from right after surgery, but it was for after a week. I don’t have much swelling considering that it’s only second day. Doctors came for check-up, and said that I don’t have much swelling compare to other patients, hahahaha. I often gargle and disinfect that management is really important after the surgery. I gargle right after eating not to have any inflammation. Ice packing is done regularly… But what I worry is that I still have swelling while it would originally be reduced after the tape under the jaw is detached… I wish no more swelling exists..
Eyes changed into softer image! It’s easier to open eyes~ I cannot compare before and after photos of nose as I still have swelling on my nose!! I cannot eat fully because I can only drink soymilk, water, and juice. But it’s a little bit fine that I eat soup and porridge but I still hope to be less swelled soon… It decreased just a little, maybe I didn’t manage in a right way…
Do you recognize that eyes are much bigger?!!!! Obvious lines are not visible now since face lines have swelling and it’s covered by bandage… The size is far smaller, though. Eyes became very different! I sometimes meet nurses on my way to the restroom and they said I’ll be much prettier as eyes would be big on a small face. I was really pleased that the operation was successful. I took selfies because I felt better then after injected painkiller… But I suffered such pain after then that I couldn’t do anything. Sleeping is the best medicine, I think. I had to sleep anyway… I must sleep or else, you will feel pain…