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Operation: Nose

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After 6 months : Do you see my side-line? Isn’t it incredible? I really do love it. Choosing Cinderella was the best decision I’ve ever made. I admire the efforts of Dr. Chung and staffs; they were very nice to me. I asked so many questions every day because I was worried too much. Thanks a lot for all very kind and detailed information from them. Now, I’m very satisfied and blissful.
Day 15 : I could do makeup done, go outside, and meet friends. My friends said that the line of nose was very pretty so that I gave such a good impression now and they envied me for that. I’d been looked into a mirror every day, and I was very satisfied and really impressed with my nose. Usually, people are unsatisfied until 1-3 months, but I had a huge satisfaction with my nose at this time. LOL
Day 7 : Finally, I’d been waited for a long time to remove threads. I couldn’t wait to see the shape of my nose since I was worried about my hump nose. It looks more natural than I expected, so I’m very satisfied with the result. I love the side-line of my face. After the swelling was getting reduced, it would look prettier. I was so excited to see my face!
Day 3 : I had to take a walk every day and apply an icepack on my nose to reduce swelling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help with bruise and swelling. During the treatment, a nurse told me that I’d got more swelling due to fat graft. I wouldn’t have this much swelling if I only had the nose surgery.
The day of operation : I felt like I was in a dream after the anesthesia. After the surgery, a nurse woke me up, there was nothing hurt. But, only thing uncomfortable was that I had difficulty with breathing with nose due to the cotton that blocked breathing. So, I had to breathe with my mouth, so that my mouth became dry easily.