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Accusculpt, Cheekbone Reduction, Lateral Canthoplasty

Yewha Yewha

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Hello, my post surgery results are so natural I kind of forgot I had done something to them. I had to photoshop my cheeks all the time before my cheekbone reduction surgery but now I don’t have to do so anymore. My cheeks are naturally wide and big so I did a cheekbone reduction and V line (square jaw) surgery and also have implants inserted in my chin. Many of you asked me what an accusulpt is. It’s a cosmetic procedure that helps to remove fat and lifts the face, very effective for people who have fats in cheek areas (like me), thick or saggy skin. I did all of these on the same day.
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I think I personally recover quite fast, there wasn’t too much inconvenience, I just had to endure that one week. There are people who still feel discomfort after surgery even though it has been quite a while after surgery. I think it all boils down to the hospital you choose – which is really important. Also, doing too much plastic surgery is probably not a good idea, I think plastic surgery is about doing what needs to be fixed. Those who are curious, feel free to ask me any questions!
They call this period the ‘liz season’, I look more lively than usual because of the slight swelling, and lost a bit of weight, it’s the time I am most satisfied with how I look. Sometimes I’d randomly get reminded of how I used to look before. We, humans are really creatures that can adapt.
My cheeks are still slightly swollen at this point.
Headed out for a bit and did not experience any hindrance. I could go around places and not attract unnecessary attention. Just had a bit of inconvenience when eating. The wound on my outer eyelid is healing well.
Time to remove the stitches below my eye, I think my bloodshot eyes have been going on for months T.T You can probably tell the swelling in my cheekbone area has gone down a lot. Face shape still looks rather round. Finally starting to look like a proper human after taking a shower.
Swelling has gone down quite a bit. I have been going around wearing a mask, café hopping.
Removed the tape on my chin, other than the 6th day after surgery, I had to go to the hospital everyday for dressing and stitches removal.
When the swelling starts. I also have bruises, it is the most difficult period, and I think its going to be like this for another week.
Taken after surgery… I think you can feel my pain just looking at my pictures.