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Nose Bridge + Tip Augmentation

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I have always been bothered by my nose for a long time. Took me a while before I finally decided to do something about it. So I went around places receiving consultations and finally decided on GNG hospital to do my surgery.
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This is a recent picture of me, just two weeks after surgery. There is still a bit of swelling left but I am very satisfied with my bridge and tip… they are exactly how I wanted them to be!!! Really hoping the swelling would all go away soon! A big thank you to my doctor and nurses GNG hospital for taking care of me!!!
Decided to use nopland 4th generation for my nosebridge, and nasal septal cartilage for the tip of my nose. Nopland is said to be resistant to impacts and also lower chances of infections.
There were many check-ups I had to do, also had a consultation with my doctor to discuss about nose bridge, direction, thickness of alar, and he’d showed me the kind of ideal nose that would suit my face via simulation.
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