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Square jaw reduction + Double eyelid revision surgery

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Anyone of you here is stressing over square jaw reduction surgery? Double eyelid revision surgery? Or both? I would like to share my own experience here because I have personally been through both of those at the same time. Since I am currently doing my masters in Korea, I also decided to fix my problematic areas that have been bothering me a long time. If you look at my pictures, you can tell I did my double eyelid surgery previously, that was done in China. However, my double eyelids turned out to be unbalanced, as one side is bigger than the other. Not only is the eyelid line Is uneven, they look weird too in pictures. My jaw has also been bothering me the longest time. I feel like I can count on GNG because it is widely known in China, specializes in many different areas, and has years of experience. I think the doctor in China failed to pinpoint the correct line to create the fold, hence the uneven-ness. Prior to the actual surgery, I had to do many check-ups and looking at the various kinds of cutting edge medical equipment, the more assured I felt. Anyway, I did my eyelid revision surgery first, then waited one week before doing square jaw reduction surgery. Usually both can be done together at the same time, but due to my schedule, I had to do them on separate occasion. Rested for a bit before returning to work, yes, with my face still swollen and tight but I didn’t think It would be so soon for me to be able to resume daily activities. After about a month my swelling gradually subsided. Went back to China during the end of 2nd month and friends who saw me were asking how have I gotten this pretty. They were making such a huge fuss about it!! So I told them it was with GNG that I’d undergone surgery, and a few of them actually went there for consultation. Most swelling is definitely gone by the third month, and I can see myself becoming prettier. I am very glad that I was able to fix my complex, if not for the fact I study here.
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92 days (eyelid revision), 85 days (chin)
1 month (eyelid revision), 24 days (chin)
3 weeks (eyelid revision), 2 weeks (chin)
2 weeks (eyelid revision), 1 week (chin)
1 week after eyelid revision surgery, first day (chin)
3 days after eyelid revision surgery