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eye, nose, micro fat grafting, facial bone contouring surgery

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My biggest problem was that I had a rough looking face. My cheeks and jawline were not pretty and feminine. My first impression was that I always looked old. And I injured my nose in high school therefore my face somewhat looked asymmetric. I have always dreamed to look like a girl of my age.
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I got a job at a company I was hoping for and I felt as if I was living my dream. I was so relieved I did the operation and was very satisfied with my results. It gave me so much more excitement and confidence in my new pretty face 
I had zero infection and my recovery was fast. The transformation felt amazing as I got better and better day by day. I have heard compliments about how demure and feminine I looked after surgery. I've always looked older than my age but now people are guessing way younger! My nose felt less blockage as I deswell bit by bit. Fat transplantation has made my face more three dimensional and I really enjoy looking at the mirror every day wearing various makeups. Jewelry made me beautiful without any compromise on safety.
From the day of the operation to the next day, I woke up from the anesthesia, my face became more swollen and I felt a little bit of pain. During the recovery period, I drank pumpkin juice and ate soft bread, which was easy to swallow. My only inconvenience was that I could not wash my face as it had stitches on for a week. I do not worry about the surgery because I am usually a brave person, so the recovery period seemed to pass quickly.