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I was always depressed and unconfident because of my appearance, and I had never imagined that I would be so confident and upright today.
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Even now, I feel so natural that I have found the real me! I feel so happy when people praise how Dolly I look and I sniggle inside. I am not shy when people actually praise how pretty I look.
My swelling disappeared and my friends were all amazed!! I feel that when the appearance changes, somehow the personality becomes brighter. Maybe I’m a more confident person after!!
My face looked swollen but I actually thought it looked cute! I wanted my swelling to be gone as fast as possible and I was told to do plenty of walking and I had some light treatment to help with swelling. I could not put down my cell phone because I had a lot of fun taking pictures!
I had a lot of worries before surgery because I was such a timid person. However Jewelry Plastic Surgery’s surgeon and the staff gave me relief. The pain was not so bad after all to my surprise ~ At this time, it seemed that the swelling had just begun..