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My name is Rose Martina Fernandez. I’m 57 and I had a brow and lower eyelid lift, forehead lift and face lift. I feel very confident very good about the result, everyday it gets better. I actually googled, and I saw that Juju Chang did a special, So that was my first in count with JK until I saw you guys were had activities on post 4th of July and I know that was my question, That was the placed I wanted. I was more discomfort than pain, and the swellings that was the only uncomfortable feeling that I had. Not really a lot of pain, it was very tillable. Absolutely, I would recommend JK to my friends and family. I’ve have already had quite a few people asking me and very interested in JK. and before I leave, wanted to get my nose fixed because it does have breakage, and trying to get my husband to pay for couple of other things for me but we are not sure. What do you like most about JK? The facility. It is very impressive when you walk in. The care was outstanding. I can’t even rave anymore for about the care and the doctor’s care and how the took care of me. Just you know reassuring me everything will be okay. After the operation, how was reaction of the people around? The change wasn’t so drastic, even though it was drastic, they couldn’t figure out what it was. But they knew there was difference in my face.  They were excited for me really excited. Dr.Bae Joon Sung is like outstanding I would definitely recommend him. I trust him, and I would recommend him to anybody, definitely. I’m not a very trusting person when it comes with the doctors, but he was very good.
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