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Bocelle Liposhot
BoCelle Aesthetic Medical Group
Period : May 01 2022 ~ Dec 31 2022
Bocelle Liposhot
Price $ 254 $ 508

Pre paid $ 25

Clinic Pay $ 229

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* minimum 200 cc is needed 
* sedation extra charge


Bocelle Liposhot

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Surgery Information

Surgery duration -
Anesthesia -
Hospitalization -
Removal of stitches -
Number of postoperative visits -
Recovery period -

Provided Service

Medicine -
Post-care Treatment -
Transportation -
Language -
Hospitalization -
Others -
Anesthesia Cost -


Conditions -

Precautions before / after surgery

Caution before surgery

  • 1. Do not eat or drink (including candy, gum and water) at least 4 hours for sedation anesthesia and at least 10 hours for general anesthesia.
  • 2. Please remove make up, accessories and manicure before visiting the clinic.
  • 3. Do not smoke and drink alcohol preferably 1 week before surgery.
  • 4. A cap and a pair of sunglasses will be useful to cover up post surgery.
  • 5. Please do not drive on the day of the surgery as post surgery may cause dizziness.
  • 6. Please inform the clinic if you are having a cold or taking medication. Medication may hinder the surgery or recovery process.
  • 7. Do not take vitamin E, omega 3, hormone pills, oriental herbs, aspirin and other health supplements 2 weeks before surgery. Long term medication such as blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes etc, are allowed to be taken and should inform the clinic in advance.
    Birth control pills are also recommended to stop

Caution after surgery

  • 1. Swelling
    - After the surgery, there will be general swelling and bruising for 2-3 days. They will be subsided as time goes by.
    - It is recommended to lie straight down on your back and position your head higher than your heart for faster recovery. Please avoid lying face down.
  • 2. Cold pack
    - Please apply cold pack for 3 days after surgery. It will help swelling and bruising to subside faster.
    - Please apply the cold pack about 5~6 times for 30 minutes each time per day.
  • 3. Maintain cleanliness
    - Please do not touch or rub the surgical area. It may cause infection and may affect the recovery and result.
    - Please do not remove any bandages or cast or cottons on the surgical area until a nurse does it.
  • 4. Scar
    - There will not be any visible scars with non-incisional surgeries such as non-incisional double eyelids surgery with Ptosis correction. But, occasionally whiteheads/ pus could occur, if so, please visit the clinic to remove it.
    - In case of incisional surgeries, scar cream can be applied after stitches removal if the doctor advises so.
  • 5. Medicine
    - Clinics will prescribe medicine which usually consists of antibiotics, pain killers and anti-inflammatory.
    Additional costs for medication may be required. Please avoid any aspirin related medicine because it may cause bleeding.
  • 6. Wash and Makeup
    - You may wash your face and do make-up after the stitches removed. Do not rub around the surgical area when you remove make-up.
    - Showers can be done on the next day of the stitches removal, but please avoid sauna or hot bath for 4 weeks.
  • 7. Exercise and after care
    - Taking walks are recommended for faster recovery. However, heavy exercises are only possible after 3-4 weeks.
    - Please avoid wearing contact lenses for 3 weeks and wear glasses or sunglasses (except rhinoplasty) during this period.
    - Drinking and smoking should be avoided for 4 weeks. It can cause infection or delay the recovery process.

Promotion process

Promotion Process

Cancellation policy

Surgery deposit payments are non-cancellable nor refundable.

Please consider carefully before making decision.