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Thigh Liposuction+Calf Botox

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I had lots of Cellulite, fat suffering with lower body obese since teenager. I always plan for exercise, work out at gym everyday but I only visited twice a week? (I know I am a lazy and wasting money..) I do not want to live with this fatty and want to have a skinny body as soon as possible. So I asked my friend to recommend the liposuction clinic, yep, She told me about Pretty Body Clinic. (I never heard that clinic before she told me) There are 10 doctors and 30,000 surgery cases over 20 years so….they are expertise in body sculpting field, As the Doctor told me that my body fat is very hard and quite difficult to remove but if receive the Triple body treatment before surgery, it helps the fat softer and then the suction device can remove the body fat easily and lot. The treatment was quite okay for me and surgery…also quite painful… The swollen and bruise were wosen 2-3 days after surgery and hardly can seat. after a week to 2 weeks the swollen and bruises all goes down and sizes are precisely down. I lost about 8lbs in 2 months. As the doctor told me before surgery, my body is not a common type and not easy to do surgery to see the effect of surgery. I need to work out more harder than others and also, regretfully, not too much expect the size reduction but can see the body line. Body line? I love my body line and also, I love my body size reduction as well. FYI, 3000 cc of body fat from my legs.
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